West Bank Stories

Fear in Ramlah

In February/March 2004 many houses were demolished in Ramlah, a newly built part of the village El Gezira. There was a decree from Prime Minister Dr.Atef Ebeid: the houses in Ramlah are built illegal, have to be removed.There is still fear in Ramlah, even there is given a breather to theinhabitants. (March 2003)


Following the marathon: The West Bank soon a training camp for inline skater?

The idea was born when the 10th Luxor Marathon was finished. For the second time also German inline skater took part. And Hanspeter Detmer, chairman of the club "Kölner Roll-Möpse" from Cologne, started to think about organizing a training camp on the West Bank when in Europe winter stops training. "It should be possible to create a camp together with the local authorities", the sports editor of the Deutsche Welle said. Back in Germany he will start to work out his idea. It could be a pilot project for the West Bank and bring the idea coming to Luxor also to athlets from other sports. (March 2003)


Gliding across history

Gliding with an airy giant Do you want the West Bank of Luxor and all its monuments at one blow? Like to to have a bird's-eye view of the sites - very calmly, without pushing and shovingund, without long lectures? Then you should make your decision to try out a ride by hot-air balloon. (January 2003)


Ramadan and the "battle of dates"

Ramadan, the holy month of the Muslims, shows every year some curiosities. This year there starts a strong "battle" around the dried dates - with names out of the daily news headlines. (November 2002)


After its rediscovery Egypts papyrus became famous all over the world

Everybody knows what is papyrus. Nearly every tourist for sure will have one of this painted sheets as a souvenir in his luggage when travelling back home from Egypt. But did you know who brought this ancient art of producing papyrus back to Egypt? Read our story "Papyrus - worshiped, forgotten, rediscovered". (Up-date February 2004)


Vendetta - but tourists are safe

In the small villages in Upper Egypt vendetta still exists. Normally it's a private feud, mostly there are only single victims. But in the latest family war 22 people were shot to death. A massacre that made headlines all around the world. Nevertheless tourists are safe. Because: "Al Tar - a fatal question of honour". (November 2002)


Sometimes a market day also is a barber day

Always and everywhere markets are fascinating and attractive. A feast for all senses, a meeting point for people. And sometimes a haircut belongs to the visit of a market. At least in El Qurna, especially for donkeys. (October 2002)


Egyptian secrets

Again and again the discussion subjects on the West Bank circle around secret knowledge about antiquities and discoveries, around old stories with super deals. But also around contradictions of dates and confusions with names of the kings. We like to tell you in our story how we handle such topics. (Up-date June 2003)


Four-legged trip to the monuments

Why not do it like the ancient Egyptians? Why not travel by donkey to the monuments? It it easy and beside you will have much fun. We tried it out. You can read about it in the story "From sun rays and neddies". (Up-date April 2003)