Thebes West in birds view On donkey back in the desert

Why not try out something special

Holidays in Luxor - that means at first sightseeing for the pharaonic monuments. But for all those of you who like a touch of adventure there are several facilities to go for particular trips. For example you can lift into the air by balloon or seaplane, can observe the gigantic open air museum of Thebes West like the birds. Or you can travel the Nile by Felukka, the typical Egyptian sailing boat. Or you can experience the fascinating Western Desert by four-wheel-car and pay its pituresque oases a visit.

With our stories step by step we like to help you to appreciate such tours better, and also introduce to you people who can arrange for you such kind of trips. Therefore have a look to from time to time. We hope we can help you to arrange your holidays, to give you new ideas and also the facility to arrange or send reservation in advance.


Nile felukka in the twilight

Full moon in the White Desert

Balloon drive

Desert safaris

Donkey trips

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