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Everybody who doesn't come to the West Bank as a package tourist only, who will not just get through his sightseeings, who likes to spend some relaxing days in one of the small hotels or in a rented apartment will notice, that particulary in the villages the rhythm of the daily life is very different. Different to that in the cities, but also different to the so called civilized, means the western world. The normal life of the villagers mostly is directed by the seasonal temperature and of course by the Islamic rituals as there are the daily five praying times and the religious feasts. Foreigners have to learn to put up with it.

In the winter months one has the impression that the shops are open all around the clock. But this will change drastically during the hot summer months. In that time all kind of shopping or business dealings will be done in the cooler hours of the day, either in the early morning or after sunset. Nearly all shop owners will close their roll front doors during the heat of the day, will go for a long siesta in their cooler houses or in the shadow of walls and trees (see pictures taken in August 2002). The real life will be shifted to the evening and night hours, the missing sleep they will have by their afternoon nap.

Even unusual as the flexible opening hours of the shops are the consulting hours of the medical doctors. Or can you imagine that any European dentist will ask you to visit him for a regular checkup at eleven o'clock in the night? But of course also therefore there is a plausible explanation. Mostly the doctors are working during daytime in one of the numerous public hospitals, run their private clinics at night. By the way: You can trust the doctors and their standard of education.

In our section "Services" everybody has the possibility to announce his offers. We hope that this section will become something like a directory, where you can find useful and up-to-date information for your orientation in touristic and daily life. A guide for foreigners who like to stay just for some days or a longer period on the West Bank. Down you find an index in alphabetical order.

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