Restaurants on the West Bank

Smoked salmon on fresh lime sauce decorated on string beans, meat of lobster craws with king
prawns on Aioli and lemon mayonnaise, guinea fowl set on a vegetable bed of chanterelle and morel
mushrooms, Carne Cruda on sauces of basil and caviar - unfortunately all this you have to forget in the restaurants on the West Bank. But after a long day in the dust of the desert whom already the sense is after the dishes loved by the longue lizards served by the in-places of the European jet set? However, when the smell of the solid good plain cooking tickles the nose, then a hot hunger becomes from a small.

That the restaurants on the west bank offer - good plain cooking, the something improved simple Egyptian cooking. Important thereby are fresh ingredients and of course the "tagen". An earthenware dish, in which vegetables, potatoes in tomato sauce and meat are slowly cooked. Onions and garlic belong to the important ingredients of the most dishes. The main courses as beef, poultry or fish usually are served with vegetable of the season (for example courgettes, fried aubergine, French or haricot beans, spinach or breaded cauliflower), and with the potatoes mentioned and rice, often also with chips and of course salads with bread. New the advent of Pizza and Spaghetti in some restaurants - desired particularly from tourist kids.
It is worthwhile itself to trust the Egyptian chefs. Okra taste sudden completely wonderfully. And
Kofta with much garlic becomes the culinary delicacy. But there is one thing you'll have to learn to put with it - the Egyptian way of dining. Differently than in Europe here hors-d'oeuvres like several salads with bread and the main course with all supplements are served in one time. There time hardly remains for enjoying the different tastes. Background: the majority of the Egyptians bolt in their food very quick. As if they would be on a competition of the fastest eater. The art of the desireful
dining in several courses with occasional small tracing for the recovery of the taste nerves could even not be established by French Emperor Napoleon when he ruled the country (1798 to 1801). Small trick for individual tourists with time: Order first only the soup and/or salads, after a while then the main course, again after some relaxing minutes the dessert. Thus you irritate the waiter and the chef, increases however your benefit. Who however is a heavy eater of meat who orders at home his one-pound-steak, in Egyptian restaurants he has a bad hand. Because meat is expensive. Therefore wealthy Egyptians order much meat to show their wealth. A big eater of meat therefore orders best immediately two portions, otherwise after short time his stomach will rumble again. By the way: of course you will empty go out with the search for pork but also on the hunt for camel, horse and donkey meat as well as for sausages produced of this kinds of meat.
One word to beverages. Of course mineral water, soft drinks, tea (shai) and coffee (Nescafe or also Turkish coffee, ahwa) you will find everywhere. But mostly restaurants offer also local beers and wines - even if on the menue card are not mentioned. Here a demand is worthwhile itself. However, hard drinks don't approve around here.

Finally: vegetarians and diabetics should express their desires. Usually the chefs are able to create something special. Also don't worry for the hygienic standard. The dishes in a zero-star restaurant will at least get you just as well, as in an international 5-star-hotel. That includes the consumption of the often refused mixed salad (usually prepared with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and herbs).

Our presentation of the restaurants (in alphabetical order) is done to help you little when your'll spoilt of the choice. Perhaps we make appetite for you on more and you convince yourselves shortly
personally of the tasteful Egyptian good plain cooking...


Malqata Gallery Restaurant

Restaurant "Hatshepsut" in Qurna

Restaurant Mohamed

Restaurant "ZamZam"


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