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Egyptian Embassy in Germany
With the new homepage the Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Al-Orabi introduces
himself, his embassy and its departments in German and English language.
You can reach directly the English version without Flash animation in adding
/entry.htm to the URL. Very helpful for tourists, who like to finish the
visa procedure before starting their trip: in the section "Consulate" you
can download the application (PDF format). In this section you will also
find a "Tourist Guide" (in English language only), but unfortunately for the
most part it concentrates to Cairo.

Visit ancient Egypt with Florian Amon. He collected lots of information about several topics such as pharaohs, gods, pyramids, mythes. Also you find a book review, a search machine, you can chat with other friends of Egypt, and check out more links. The languages are German and English.

Tourism Net
The main subject of this site is tourism. You find sections as hotels, restaurants, cruises, rent a car, travel agents. Unfortunately we are missing a regular update. This site you with Arabic, French and German languages.

Oanda currency converter
On this site you find an easy way to convert 64 currencies quick and always accoring to the latest bank rates. You can choose from the languages English, German, French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and Swedish.

Sites in English language

Theban Mapping Project
KV 5 is the short version for "Kings Valley, tomb no. 5". When the American archaeologist Kent Weeks discovered this tomb with the burial chambers of the sons of King Rameses II in the Valley of the Kings it was a sensation. The website of the Theban Mapping Project offers much more than the KV 5 project, where work is still going on. Have a look, make up your own mind, and don´t miss the virtual tour through KV 5 and other tombs. Be informed about the Valley of the Kings, about Thebes West, the discoverers, adventurers, the pharaohs and much more. The new website offers lots of information, maps and a huge number of new and old photographs from all tombs in the "Valley of the Kings".

Guardians Egypt
Egypt total, from antiquities and history, news and fun, until finally a very interesting discussion board. Also connected to this site: the official homepages of the Supreme Council of Antiquities - SCA (, unfortunately no updates for its news section since March 2001).

Egyptology Magazine KMT
On this site you can read only some selected articles, but the complete tables of content from every issue. If interestet in the subjects you can subscribe the magazine online.

Tour Egypt
Official homepage of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. The webmasters based in the US come up with a comprehensive data base about Egypt. You find information about archaeological sites, museums and history as well as destinations, hotels, diving centres and golf courses. At least you also find timetables for busses and trains. When preparing your Egypt vacation you have to browse this site.

State Information Service (SIS)
Have a look for the official sight. The State Information Service offers information about politics, economy, culture, media, education, health, development, new projects and of course tourism. Up-to-date news you will find in the section "Letter of Cairo".

All of Egypt
Searching for hotels, Nile cruises, restaurants, shops, sightseeing, cities or oases? On this well organized and fast site you find what you need, including adresses and phone numbers. Week point: the weather forecast (can’t be right) and the calender of events, that still concentrates on the year 2000.

Egypt Focus
How you have to behave in an Islamic country? This touristic online guide assembled in a listing the most important "Do's and Dont's". In the Egypt map you can click for several cities and find lots of information. But please, do not expect to much, because "Egypt Focus" is still "Under Construction".

Egypts Information Highway
The Information Decision Support Center invites you for a trip through Egypts Information Highway. Unfortunately the speed is not high as it should be. So you have to be patient to find out more about every part of Egyptian life.

History Channel
Type the keyword Egypt and you find 277 relevant pages. There you can search more when typing particular dates or names. A historical data base that needs your patience.

Under water archaeology with Franck Goddio
Sure you already heard about the spectacular researchs by the French under water archaelogist Franck Goddio, who also made headlines with his excavations in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Eastern harbour of Alexandria and the bay of Abu Kir. With his website he offers updated news about his activities.

The President of Egypt
Read about the President, about his election, his functions and power.

People Assembly
Shoura Assembly
Learn more about the Egyptian parliament and senate.

Factbook Egypt
The situation and development of Egypt in facts and figures, political and economical insight, population projection, education system and culture.

Sound & Light Shows
Details about the different places of the show, ticket prices, time tables and languages.

Gateway to Ancient Egypt
Very attractive and aufwendig designed website about Ancient Egypt with lots
of photographs (therefore it needs longer time for loading). A scroll window
on each sub-page leads through the topics of the site, which are for
example: the history from the Predynastic until the Roman period, the
monuments from Giza till Abu Simbel, the Nile valley, the gods, links, a
bibliographie etc.

If you are looking for German language sites please browse the German version (Deutsche Version), there you will find more links to sites about Egypt.

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