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The western shore of the Nile in front of Luxor, the West Bank or Thebes West, means antiquities, means pharaonic tombs and mortuary temples from the middle kingdom. There are lots of literatures and websites. Of course this part is important for us as well. But we will concentrate more on new sites, discoveries and excavations which are not open for the public. And we offer more. With us and our West Bank stories you can learn more about the area and its people, visit small hotels and restaurants, choose private apartments. In addition you find services with adresses such as lawyers, doctors, pharmacies, internet cafes, taxi drivers and boat captains with mobiles, owners of donkeys, camels and horses, and much more. Also you find shops with items for your daily life and souvenirs. Special trips are available as ballooning, sightseeing flights by seaplane or short Nile cruises. And we will give you a lot of advices and of course news from Luxor and all over Egypt. Our market place invites you to announce your special offers and demands.

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