Small however finely - the West Bank hotels

Who takes a stroll through the villages on the western Nile bank of Luxor he will have the
impression to be moved back to the life centuries ago. But this impression deceives. Completely
after the slogan "small however finely" tinker the village inhabitants at their touristic future.
Because: even the West Bank or also called Thebes West with the magnificent graves and mortuary temples of the pharaohs of the new kingdom (approx. 1570 to 1070 B. C.) offers the
largest open

air museum of the world, so far usually package tourists take accommodation in the city of Luxor on the opposite Nile bank. That changes now slowly however surely. Gradually we like to
present you the small hotels (by click on the names in alphabetical list you may find out more) which even are in the best way suitable to culture-interested and individual tourists.
Because there is really no other area where you are closer to the monuments of Thebes West.
The strength of the houses meanwhile is cleanliness, good food for fair prices, a family atmosphere.
And they are ideal starting points for trips by bicycle, donkey, camel or horse. By the way: Who
attaches still the erring faith on the west bank with failure of the darkness the sidewalks are lifted up can better instruct himself in these small houses where often live music will entertain you. Only on one place guests must omit - a discotheque until now is not offered. And another note: Most of the hotels you can only contact directly or through our website because in travel agencies you usually ask in vain for the small "palaces" of the West Bank.

Al Moudira


Camp Al Salam

El Fayrouz

El Gezira

El Nakhil

Gezira Gardens

Hotel Keylany - our recommendation in Aswan

Longchamps - our recommendation in Cairo



Sara Hotel- our recommendation in Aswan

"Senmut" Bed & Breakfast

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