You like your breakfast whenever you want? You enjoy cooking by
yourself? You like sometimes to close the door to keep your privacy
with enough space? It's possible in the village El Gezira. Rent a fully
furnished and equipped private apartment and do whatever you want.
Located in quiet areas that is an ideal solution for families with kids,
for individuals, frequent visitors to Egypt or long stayers. And if you
like it it's easy to tie up a closer connection with the host family.

Food and Beverages:
In the nearest surrounding of the apartments you will find small super
markets, butchers, vegetable shops, a bakery. On request you can
get your daily home delivery of all you daily need. In walking distance
there are typical Egyptian coffee shops und street restaurants. A better standard is offered by the restaurants "Africa" and "Tut Ankh Amun" or the restaurants of the hotels "Nile Valley", "El Gezira" and "Gezira Gardens", all in the neighbourhood.

Without any problems you can use the water in the apartments for
cooking, toothcleaning, etc. Also with all the foodstuff there is not any problem. In case of any emergency there are doctors and pharmacies.

As a starting point for day-trips the apartments are ideal located. The public ferry to cross to the East Bank, to the city of Luxor with the Luxor and Karnak temples and museums, is just some minutes away by feet. To tour the West Bank individual there are bicycles, donkeys, camels and horses for rent in the neighbourhood. Also the parking area for service cars is just around the corner. It is easy to arrange your personal tours with experienced tour guides through Thebes West with the valleys of the kings and queens, all the other tombs and temples. Also you can organize daytrips by boat on the Nile with lunch or desert safaris. Prices according to arrangement.

Ahmed's apartment house


Apartments "El Arabi & Europe I and II"

Apartments "El Ham" and "Ibtesam"

Apartment "Samantha"

Jane and Mahmoud's Apartment House

Johns House

Apartment "Lotus Home"

"Nile Villa" is finished - for sale / rent

"Sayed's House"

"Senmut" Bed & Breakfast

Domed villa in Luxor for rent

House "Mariadel" offers two apartments for rent

Small house in the center of El Gezira for rent


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